• 10 Minute Coach

    Every Week, Pastor Terry provides a 'coaching' video to help you, your family and/or your LifeGroup dig further into the scriptures we were in on Sunday. What was it about? What was God saying to you? What can you do next?

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         Archive  - Pre Sept. 2021

  • Sermons

    Maybe you missed, it, want to revisit it, or share it with a friend. Click here for past sermons.

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         Archive  - Pre Sept. 2021

  • Weekday Livestreams

    Throughout the week, Pastor Terry and Pastor Tim lead in a time of worship or short devotional - Wednesday Worship & Thursday Thoughts.

  • Songs of Worship from OAC

    One of the beautiful aspects of Livestreaming, is that we can capture beautiful recordings of our worship teams leading our church family in worship. Click here for past songs - and enjoy a time of worship with the Lord.

Sermon Notes

Below you will find sermon notes for our current past sermons, as well as other resources that were referenced those weeks.  We hope they will help you in your growth with Jesus!