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Do you ever wonder what kids are learning about in Kidzone? Would you like additional ideas or ways to talk about the Bible at home with your kids? Need a place to start?  We’ve got you covered!

Every week, we supply resources in our e-newsletter, Everything OAC, to help you and your family review the concepts and lessons learned in Kidzone, grow in faith and connect through conversation and learning.

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Point your kids in
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they won’t be lost.


  • Learning Resources

    We strive to partner with you and your family in a faith journey toward Jesus by offering weekly resources that are designed to connect KidZone learning from Sunday morning to family time at home throughout the week.

  • Family Connections

    Extra resources provide an opportunity you to have time together in the Bible and to connect with the lessons from KidZone. Plus, the increased repetition of these lessons really makes them stick by offering a recap of the Bible story, encouragement in memory verse work, conversation starters, questions to consider and a short prayer.

  • Weekly Updates

    Kidzone "At Home" learning material for pre-school and elementary children is included in our e-newsletter, Everything OAC, every week. To receive these resources in your inbox, simply subscribe today!