• Terry Lee

    Terry is the Lead Pastor of Okotoks Alliance Church and has been a member of the Board of Elders since joining the church family in 2011. He and his wife Ann have 3 children. The older two are “launched” and their youngest is in high school. Ann works part time at Okotoks Chiropractic and Massage. Terry enjoys photography, skiing and music. He is also the volunteer Conductor and Musical Director of the Foothills Philharmonic Orchestra.

  • Bill Black

    A frequent participant on the worship team at Okotoks Alliance Church, Bill is more familiar to many with a guitar strapped around his neck. Bill also previously served on the Building Committee and on the Call to Grow campaign.  Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, Bill worked in the construction field there and has continued to do so in a number of different roles since he moved to Canada in 1991. He and his wife Richelle have 3 children. Richelle has a design background and works for a large American based manufacturer of commercial office interior systems. Currently the President & COO of the Calgary Construction Association, Bill loves playing, collecting and listening to music, cooking and photography.

  • Evan Chell

    Evan and his wife Mika were born in Edmonton and joined us at OAC in 2019 after Evan's job moved them to High River. He now works as a Millwright in a cardboard box factory in Calgary. Mika is currently in the process of writing a novel loosely inspired by their story. They enjoy being outdoors, skiing, biking, hiking and just reading in the sun. Evan is in his first term on our Board of Elders.

  • Cory Knutson

    Cory and his family have attended OAC since 2014 and Cory joined our Elder's board in 2020. He has been actively involved playing the bass guitar on our worship team and helping with our tech systems. His wife Crystal has been a key member of our KidZone team and their 3 kids have enjoyed Quizzing and other church ministries. Cory works as a master electrician and looks forward to being a servant leader through the Elder role at OAC.

  • Karla Lawson

    Karla is new to our Board of Elders but been very active as a leader for many years. She's been leading worship on scheduled Sunday mornings for the past 3 years and was Chair of the Okotoks Food Bank board for several years. She and her husband Aaron run their own concrete business. They have 4 young adult children, enjoy the outdoors and travel as often as they can.

  • Kevin McCubbin

    Kevin has served multiple times on the Board of Elders over the past fifteen years. He began following Jesus at OAC, through the ALPHA Course, over twenty years ago. He is married to Colleen and they've raised Kevin’s daughter who is now in university. Colleen runs her own book publishing company. Kevin is a carpenter by trade and works for Madison Avenue Group as a project manager. Kevin is an avid student of scripture and history, with a particular interest in the Protestant Reformation.

  • Colin Toffelmire

    Colin is "new again" to our Board of Elders, having served as Secretary during 2 previous terms. He is married to Jinny and they have 3 children and lead busy lives. Jinny works for the Town of Okotoks as an environmental and sustainability specialist. Colin is "Dr. T" -  Professor of Old Testament at Ambrose University in Calgary.