Life Groups

Our life groups exist to help people connect in smaller groups so they can follow Jesus together. Our desire is that you would find friends to do life with and grow in Christ with.

Our Life Groups meet on different nights of the week. Some are weekly, some are bi-weekly. Each of our groups has a unique personality and we'd encourage you to explore our groups until you find a group that feels like a fit.

Sine the outbreak of Covid-19, our groups have adjusted and adapted in a variety of ways. Some have met over Zoom, others have stayed connected through group chats. Some have had physically-distanced gatherings over the summer, and some are beginning to meet in person again.

Sermon-Based Studies

We provide sermon-based resources and encourage you to discuss in your Life Group and apply what the Holy Spirit is saying to you on Sunday morning and throughout your week. You can locate those resources here on our website.

Micro Life Groups

We've found that even smaller groups are more adaptable and able to meet together during this Covid crisis, so we've developed something we call 'Micro Life Groups'. These are groups of 3-5 people committed to meeting together like a Life Group - to follow Jesus together.

For more information about our Life Groups or Micro Life Groups, please contact Terry Lee.