• office administrator - Valerie Climie

    Valerie came to faith as a young adult in BC. She and her husband Graham came to OAC in 2003 and she came on staff in 2006. Their grown children live in the Calgary area. Valerie covers a range of admin related responsibilities: reception, bookkeeping, facilities management, etc. She’s often commended as the gracious voice that keeps things running well.  

  • worship & arts pastor - Tim Korthuis

    Tim grew up in Okotoks, and his family helped found Okotoks Alliance. He married his high school sweetheart Tanya, and they went off to Rocky Mountain College. He was employed as worship pastor for a season in Calgary and Ambrose chaplain for a season, before returning to Okotoks and coming on staff full-time in 2007. He’s worn lots of hats over these years, but the core of his role has always been worship. He’s an experienced piano-player-singer-guitar-strumming-worship guy. In 2014 he completed his Masters in Conducting at the University of Calgary, and has invested himself in community choirs, currently leading the Foothills Philharmonic Society (including several choirs and orchestra). He and Tanya have 4 kids spanning elementary school through University. 

  • lead pastor - Terry Lee

    Terry grew up in a musical family that loved Jesus and his earliest memories include this kind of ministry. He earned his Masters of Divinity from Heritage Theological Seminary in Cambridge, Ontario and after 19 years as Worship Pastor (Bramalea Baptist & Beulah Alliance) what he most wanted to do was preach and teach, and that’s what he most loves to do at OAC. He and Ann met and married in a similar size and style of church and have 3 kids ranging from Jr high through University graduate. Terry’s been writing songs since he was a kid and his compositions/recordings can be found by searching Terry B Lee on any digital retailer (iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, etc.)

  • youth intern - Anthony Cave

    Anthony has been studying Theology & Youth Ministry at Ambrose University since 2018, and joined our team as Youth Intern in September of 2021. Though he is a pastor's son, growing up believing in Christ did not come naturally. Many years of unruly highschool adventure led Anthony to somewhat of a crisis point in his life, where God intervened in a surprising and perhaps at the time, frustrating way. During his later years of highschool, Anthony once again had another life transition, his dad was offered the District Superintendent position for the EFCC in Alberta. This move is ultimately what catapulted his life full circle and has been the place where he was able to re-meet Christ. Through this experience Anthony has found a deep passion and longing to serve the lost and the broken. In his free time Anthony loves being outdoors, loves gaming, and although he no longer plays, watches as much as he can of the NBA!.  He is recently engaged, his fiancé's name is Shannon, and their wedding has been planned for May of 2022!